Love Photo Design enables you to

  • Come up with the absolute best possible image in any situation.
  • Create breathtaking images.

  • Experience the simplicity, effectiveness and empowerment of designing images that work.

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We want you to experience the breakthrough knowledge, passion and skill as an educator that Dr George brings to this program. Plus his commitment to share this breadthrough information with other photographers.

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Module 1, 'Fabulous Black & White' Free


This is the first module of Love Photo Design and one of the most important components of the course.


What you will learn

  • The secrets to great B&W images.

  • What makes subjects photogenic.

  • When to take colour and when to take B&W images.

  • To take better colour and B&W images

  • To become more creative

Be at the forefront of this amazing creative breakthrough… available only until June 30th, 2020.

Value $US145  


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