Love Photo Design with Dr George Klein

Welcome to Love Photo Design


This course is the culmination of 30 years of study, practice and above all, a love for photography.


Every detail of this course is designed to help you become a top photographer.


To help you see possibilities that you didn’t dream existed.


I look forward to sharing this course with you.


Love Photo Design enables you to

  • Come up with the absolute best possible image in any situation.

  • Create breathtaking images.

  • Experience the simplicity, effectiveness, and empowerment of designing images that work.

Why not before?


During the last century the Photography Profession has been inundated with wonderful breakthroughs in technology, especially since the digital era began. Consequently photographers have been conditioned to approach design problems with technological solutions.


Design education was not available


Until now the right education to propel you forward as an accomplished image maker has not been available in photography. It is taught in the design departments of great universities like Harvard, Yale and Stanford.

Long overdue


You can now avoid the frustration, time wastage and expense of

• Taking lots of shots hoping you’ll get a good one

• Your images not meeting your expectations

• Lengthy post production

• Thinking you need to constantly upgrade gear

• Thinking you’re just not creative enough

• Attending photography courses hoping to get the 'magic bullet'

Proven powerful and effective

7 Skills You Are Guaranteed to Learn

  1. Create breathtaking images

  2. Become more creative

  3. Use your fabulous camera to it’s true potential

  4. Learn the A to Z of creating fine images

  5. Take images you are proud of

  6. Learn how to save yourself years of frustration and expense

  7. To take images that require minimum post production

We guarantee you will achieve these results within 90 days of enrolling in the Love Photo Design course or just let us know and receive a full refund.

You have so much to gain as a photographer and so little to risk.

Be part of the future of photography, with a focus on design

There is an actual picture making structure that works.

If you study the design principles, follow them step by step, you won't fail.

​You'll be able to beautifully blend facts and feelings, logic and emotion in a way that will get right into your images.

A unique learning experience with maestro Dr George Klein

    Dr George is an…

  • expert in photo design

  • expert photographer - be inspired by his images

  • expert educator

Be at the forefront of this amazing creative breakthrough.

Who is Love Photo Design For


It's for people who realise there is something important missing with their image making.


For anyone who wants to predictably take images which impact, inspire and delight.


It’s for people like you, who want to take images you're proud of.


The course will guide the passionate beginner to early success or the seasoned pro to the next level!

This is the photography course you have been waiting for


Dr George will support, encourage and empower you every step of the way.

This course will teach you to see and capture parts of the picture that you didn't know existed.

Your images will change as you learn to design every pixel.

Jonathan Tversky

‘A great and very worthwhile journey.’

George’s course in Composition and Design trained my eye to be more critical in planning and executing an image. This enabled me to create more interesting and compelling photographs. Thank you, George, it was a great and very worthwhile journey.

Zeata Hines

“The difference to my images before and after was huge”.

Having the urge to gain knowledge of what makes a great photograph. I made the decision to sign up to one of Dr George Klein’s courses. The difference to my images before and after implementing the guide lines, was huge. I came away with new insights and understanding of what I’m doing and why when taking my photographs. I am now producing images that are more creative and pleasing to the eye. I am so happy having taken the step to learn new guidelines.

Des McMillan (professional photographer)
on Robert W Gill and George Klein

George introduced me to Robert W Gill.


I knew Robert Gill for over twenty years. He was an exceptionally gifted man of amazing generosity and a wonderful friend. He taught me as much about the principles of art and design as I was capable of ever understanding. Under his guidance I applied these principles to my primary passion, fine art photography.

It was only then that I began to truly create something within the picture space that communicated instead of simply mimicking images I've admired or finding some original gimmick to differentiate my work.


I have known George Klein for as long and it was he who introduced me to Robert.

For as long as I have known George he had a passion to bring Robert’s work to other photographers. He is now underway with this project and I wish him all success.

Phillip Biencourt

‘Your course goes deeper than others’.

Hi George. I want to express my appreciation for the valuable course on creative photography. I've attended many workshops on 'how to improve your photography' but your course goes deeper than others. You highlighted the underlying principles to making excellent photos. I'm indebted to you. I will approach my photography with a fresh outlook. I would be keen to attend any future courses you may offer. Many thanks.

Scott Gordon

‘A quantum leap in my knowledge and artistic awareness .’

Hello George, I want to again express my appreciation for your Creative Photography class. It provided a quantum leap in my knowledge of design elements & principles and my artistic awareness. I also especially enjoyed the to and fro of the discussions with you and the other class members. My personal photography has already benefited significantly. Please let me know if you decide to conduct other classes.


‘Greatly enhanced my interest in art and particularly painting.’

Dear George,


Thank you for the very informative and educational lectures, which we were lucky enough to receive, regarding Creative photography. I attended each week with enthusiasm and curiosity, learning how the pictures worked and the elements involved. It has given me an insight into perspective, usage of light and creativity, which have greatly enhanced my interest in art and particularly painting. I would gladly look forward to furthering my photographic learning experience.


Thank you again.

Lily Burrows

‘enriching and stimulating course’.

To Dr George Klein

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to attend such an enriching and stimulating course in creative photography. Since taking part in this course I have been looking at sights with different eyes. I still enjoy snapping pictures for the pleasure of capturing a moment but I am now more selective in what I keep. Now that I have somewhat more understanding of the elements that make a good photo I have become more critical of pictures I see and of my own work. I realize the course was only to give us a taste of what can be achieved with practice. I have enjoyed learning from you and the other students and I hope to continue learning through my mistakes. This course was thoroughly enjoyable as well as valuable to my future creative work. Thank you so much for sharing some of your knowledge and experience.


Sincerely Yours Lily Burrows

Ilya Gluzman

‘I now understand in depth all of the elements that make up a photo’

Before attending the Creative Photography classes, I didn't even know the meaning of creative photography. Now, I not only know the meaning of it - I understand in depth all of the elements that make up a photo, and search for these elements when looking at images and even at my surroundings. The classes were very engaging and well presented, and I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your classes. I now look at photography from a different perspective.


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